Paediatric Surgery

Pediatric Surgery

Surgery for Children is not the same as in an Adult- “Children are not small adults”. Their anatomy and physiology is different and evolving. They need a tailored individualized approach. Pediatric Surgeons are trained initially in General Surgery and under go another further three years of training in surgical diseases of children.  They are trained to operate children from the newborn period to adolescence. They are trained to adapt to the growing child and their changing needs. Pediatric surgeon treats children with severe congenital birth defects to complex surgical problems rarely seen in adults.

The surgical treatment of a child requires patience and understanding of families from whom having a child with a birth defect may be devastating. Most birth defects can be corrected with a reasonable long term survival and prognosis. Complex anatomical defects may need to be reconstructed in stages. Some common birth defects are the absence of anus, absence of food pipe, bowel in the chest, loss of continuity of bowel, defects of abdominal wall. They require initial treatment in the neonatal age with some requiring further surgery after a few months.

Children also may face certain conditions which are unique to childhood such as intussusceptions, certain malignancies. Some children have complex congenital problems which require close follow up and long term management.